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Hub Protect

Protect your Hubitat Elevation hub, including your apps, settings and connected devices:


Cloud Backup

Hub Protect stores up to five backups at a time on our secure cloud servers.
Backups save all of your settings, rules, apps and connected Z-wave devices.
You can set your own schedule for automatic backups or backup your hub manually at any time.


Hub Restoration

Restore any of your cloud backups to your hub quickly and easily without having to re-include
Z-Wave devices or re-pair Zigbee devices (Zigbee network migration only available for C-8 model


Extended Warranty

Hub Protect extends your Hubitat Elevation warranty for the duration of your subscription,
as set forth in our Terms of Service. Should your hub fail due to a hardware defect during
your subscription period, Hubitat will send you a replacement hub. Customer pays shipping.

Hub Protect is offered as an optional subscription services to anyone running 2.2.6 or later for
$29.95/year. Each hub requires its own subscription. If you receive a warranty replacement hub via Hub
Protect, your Hub Protect subscription will be transferred to the new hub. In all other cases, your Hub
Protect subscription is non-transferable and will remain with the original hub. If you migrate your
database from a protected hub to a non-protected hub, you may add a new Hub Protect subscription to that
hub to use cloud backups and extend the warranty. Hub Protect subscription renewal may be cancelled any
time and your Hub Protect service will remain active until the end of the subscription period.

How to Sign Up for Subscription Services

  • Register your hub

    If you have not already done so, register your hub and set up your Hubitat Account.

  • Update your hub

    Subscription services are only available on version 2.2.6 or later.

  • Tap the new Subscriptions link

    A new subscriptions link will appear in the menu after you update your hub.
    Tap it to go to the Subscriptions online store. You may be prompted to log in to your account
    before you can enter the store.

  • Complete Your Purchase

    Select the Subscription service you would like to purchase and complete the checkout process.
    If you wish to purchase both services you will need to go through the checkout process
    separately for each service.

  • Check your subscription status

    While logged in to, go the ‘registered hubs’ page. Below your hub it will
    indicated which services are active.

  • If you have other hubs registered on your account that you wish to protect, use multi-hubs code
    at check-out to purchase each additional subscription for only $19.99/year.

How to Use Hub Protect

Once you subscribe to Hub Protect, you can set up your cloud backups, restore backups and migrate
hubs in the Settings / Backup and Restore section of your hub interface.